Travel Tips

Planning a round the world trip? Or just having a few days away? Here’s a few useful tips on how/what to pack, modes of transport and where to stay.


1. Once you know where you want to go BOOK IT. There’s no better motivation for sorting out plans and starting to pack than actually booking your trip.

2. Companies such as STA are full of useful advice and are a great help with booking trips at your destination.

3. Hostelworld and Hostelbookers are two websites you will use a lot if you are travelling. Full of great hostels, rated by backpackers.

4. If possible get tickets that have open dates or the option to change dates freely. You never know how long you want to stay in a place.


1. Make sure you buy a backpack/suitcase that you are comfortable walking with and carrying around. Backpacks are the best option, especially in country/outback areas where paved roads aren’t all that common.

2. Separate clothing into groups (all t-shirts together, all underwear together) and put them into carrier bags. That way you only have to pull out full bags of the same items rather than pulling out loads of individual items.

3. Try to sandwich valuables between your clothing. It adds an extra layer of protection.

4. If your first destination is a warm country always put a pair of shorts in your hand luggage. There is nothing worse than arriving in a tropical climate only to be told your luggage is delayed and all you have are the jeans and t-shirt your already wearing.

5. Pack clothes you are less likely to need at the bottom of your bag.


Plug adaptors, insect repellent, sunscreen, basic first aid kit, penknife, spare flip flops (I went through 3 pairs in 5 months), torch, spare batteries, small compass, map, travel guides.

Surf Specific

If you are going on an extended surf trip try and:

1. Plan it all for either warm or cold destinations, not both. Carrying loads of cold water gear to somewhere like Fiji or Hawaii would be a pain. Likewise boardshorts and a rashie are a bit redundant in Canada.

2. Make sure you can carry you boardbag along with you backpack/suitcase fairly easily. Seems easy at first but add in long distances walking and trains/buses/taxis and it gets frustrating.

3. Spare leashes, wax. fins etc are needed. Especially in places where surf shops aren’t common.


The payoff; making it to the other side of the world.


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