Scenic Cumbria

Ever since Steph moved upto Whitehaven in April of last year I have enjoyed going up there as often as possible. The weather has usually been pretty cooperative, especially in the summer months, meaning we got to do a lot of exploring in one of England’s most beautiful places.

The scenery never fails to amaze me, no matter the weather, but on a recent weekend exploration we ended up at a Moto X event near Workington. I had my DSLR with me and snapped off a few hundred shots, just because the action from the races clashed amazingly with the local landscape:




These shots are my personal favourites from all the ones I took.

It was a great event to watch, the background however made it spectacular, it was just a shame the event wasn’t well publicised as the crowd was a touch sparse with all things considered.


Exploring The Lake District

Ever since I was little I have always spent a lot of time at the coast. As a child I have great memories of family holidays by the seaside and day trips to Whitby. When I was a teenager several holidays to Newquay gave me my first taste of surfing, bodyboarding and beach life. At 18 I passed my driving test and whenever I could I would head off to Scarborough to get wet, and if I had a bit more time on my hands Newquay was usually a good option.

Spending all my time going to the coast meant that until recently I’d never been to the Lake District, but as Steph has moved up there with work, recently I’ve been spending a fair amount of time up there and I’ve got to say it is STUNNING. I’ve been missing out these last few years by ignoring it, that’s for sure.


Thirlmere, Cumbria. Could quite easily be New Zealand.


There’s so much to explore there I’ve got a feeling it’ll take me awhile to see it all. So far I’ve managed to cross a few lakes off the list, a couple of waterfalls and a beautiful secluded beach. No fells as yet though, saving one of those for late this summer.

DSC_0375Walk On About 10mins From Aira Force And You Come To This. No Tourists In Sight.



The Scenery Is Phenomenal.



Not A Soul In Sight. Shame There’s No Surf Too!


Over the next few months I plan to see a lot more of the Lake District, do some serious hiking, a bit of wild swimming, probably some canoeing, and maybe if there is some swell snag a small wave (I’ve seen a pic or two so who knows…).