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DIY Mount Projects

#1 Bicep Leash

This leash is for when I fancy swimming out without a board and filming my friends sessions. I wanted something easy to hold and securely attached to me. Amazon offers plenty of products but none of the attachments seemed sturdy enough, and I didn’t fancy blowing upwards of £120 on a bespoke grip and leash when I figured I could whip something up for a lot less. Here’s a simple step by step on how I created my new bit of kit:

Stuff That I Thought I Might Need. In Reality There Was No Need For Cable Ties Or R-Clips.



Leash End + Split Pin.

Ideally the leash you are looking to use will have this sort of mounting option, plastic ends would work but wouldn’t be quite as strong.



Use The Pliers To Open The Split Pin And Attached To The Leash.



Push The Pin Through The Hole On Your Handle.

You’ll need to pre-drill the hole for this, ideally have your split-pin on hand for this so you can get the sizing right.

(The handle was bought off Amazon)



A Small Washer Was Added At Each Side Of The Handle.



Finally Use The Pliers To Open The Split-Pin.



The Finished Product.


The overall cost of this project was pretty small. I spent approx £12 on the handle and fasteners, the bicep leash was a spare I had but was about £20 when I did buy it. If you are buying everything from scratch and it may seem like an expensive solution but you want your £290 investment to be secure right?


Bicep Leash Test Picture:


I tried the bicep leash out in a pool recently and it worked fairly well. Easy to hold, light and doesn’t obstruct swimming too much. Video recording whilst holding it is most likely the way to go for surf shots, pulling still images from the video in post-production as it is a bit fiddly to use as a single shot camera. I’ll probably leave it as is for now, the only modification I would want would be a way to trigger single shots from the handle but that would push the project way above a modest budget.


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