In Bruges, & Brussels Too

It’s always good to sneak a trip abroad in at the start of the year, and with a bit of expendable cash, a few days off and some mates to drag along the planning began.

To start with a lot of destinations got thrown around, Paris, Rome, Budapest, Prague but the flights were all looking a bit expensive. So after scouring skyscanners for what seemed like hours a well priced flight to Brussels was booked.

The first day of the trip went by in a slight sleep deprived blur. We landed at Brussels second airport, a good 50km outside of the city so had to figure out how to get to the centre of Brussels, after some slight struggles due to the groups lack of French (should’ve paid attention in school), we pulled into the station and headed off in search of our hotel.


The View From Our Balcony.


The need for sleep was quite high, but you only get so much time on a trip so the obvious choice was to power through and get a solid afternoon of sight seeing under our belts, after a quick lunch and a beer of course!

First of the Brussels monuments to get the tourist treatment was the Atomium, a weird sci-fi type relic from back in the fifties. For about 10euros you get an amazing view of Brussels and entry into the strangest museum I’ve ever been to. It starts off as a history of the Atomium but then changes into a chair exhibit.

DSC_0167_V2The Atomium.


atomiumFrom L to R; Jonny, Me, Strange Atomium Mascot, Tom and James .


The first night in Brussels was spent gorging on burgers at the Hard Rock Cafe and sampling some local beers, all in all a good way to spend a night.


For the second day an early start was essential, Jonny had to catch the Eurostar back to England (he’d been there a day before the rest of us) and the remainder of the group were heading to Bruges. A quick train journey and some lucky guessing got us to the centre of Bruges as made famous in the awesome movie In Bruges.



The Belfry.


The afternoon was spent sightseeing whilst indulging in the Belgian delights of waffles and beer. Followed on by an evening of more beer back in Brussels. It’s a tough life but someone has to do it!

For our final full day we decided to head the Tintin museum, again a short train ride from Brussels. 10euros gets you in and it is completely worth the entry fee if you are even slightly interested in Tintin. We spent almost 4hours there checking all the exhibits and deciding on souvenirs to buy.

The evening was much like the previous ones, good food and great beer.



Tintin Street Art In Brussels.


There’s also plenty of other stuff to see in Brussels, Grand Place is a must whilst the Piss Boy statue is quite underwhelming but worth a look. In short, if you have some free time and spare cash, Brussels is worth a look instead of some of the more common Euro-staples. Especially if you appreciate good beer.



Grand Place.


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  1. I recently got back form Bruges and Brussels… Two fantastic places, I couldn’t help but stay in Bruges a lot longer than i should have, it was an outstanding place. Hope you enjoyed them.

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