Surfing In Sagres

I’ve been lucky enough to surf lots of different breaks in several countries over the last few years and recently got to add another to the list, Praia Tonel in Sagres, Portugal.

During the week I spent in Portugal with Steph I surfed almost every day at this beach, the waves were fun and pretty consistent, it never went flat!


Heading out for a sunset surf.


The waves weren’t big, but they broke cleanly offering a fun take-off and a nice section at the end. It’d been awhile since I’d surfed such clean and consistent  waves, the regular end section gave me a chance to try and learn a trick, and after several waves I’d managed to land a couple of El-Rollo’s. Nothing great, but, it’s the first proper trick I’ve landed so I was absolutely stoked with the result!


Dropping onto a nice, clean face.


Depending on the tide the wave at Tonel could be vastly different. One afternoon I surfed for 6 hours, starting at low tide with nice peelers right upto high tide when the wave morphs into a wedge type close out, offering a chance of getting tubed but a definite pounding onto the sand.

By the time it had hit full high there was pretty much just me left in the water. Steph had been in and caught a few good ones but got a bit fed up of trying to avoid the beating as the tide got higher so got out and left me to it.  The waves were wedging up nicely for a decent take-off but it was pretty much pull in and hope you don’t land on your head. If you didn’t make the drop you’d get deposited onto the sand and if you did you’d get caught in the close out. I got tumbled dried onto the beach several times, much to the amusement of some tourists.



Still peeling, so not quite low tide.


With the differences between high and low tide it never got boring surfing at Tonel, and managing to get Steph out on a bodyboard for a few waves was a real highlight. She looked stoked when she caught one, plus it’s always fun to have someone to share the banter with in the water, especially if there’s a few wipeouts going down.



Steph about to get a good one.


Whilst Tonel wasn’t a peeling point like Pavones, it also wasn’t a death shorey like Waimea, it was a really chilled out place to surf allowing me a chance to improve and Steph a chance to learn, so all in all it was a great location and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back!


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