Chasing The Summer Sun

Towards the end of September myself and Steph headed over to Portugal for a week of sunbathing, surfing and good times. The weather forecast looked good, the temps set to be high, and swell on the way…. all of the ingredients for a great week away.

After a pretty tedious flight we grabbed our stuff and had possibly the smoothest airport transfer ever, our pre-arranged taxi to the hostel was waiting, taking away any bus/train hassle that I’d originally foreseen.

We checked in at Sagres Natura Surf Camp, and as we were being shown round it became obvious we’d picked some great accommodation. The staff were super friendly and helpful, and the whole vibe of the place seemed great, something you just don’t get at big chain hotels.

993711_10152253902198065_1204222890_nOur Room Was Just Above The Surf Camp Sign

We were staying in the small town of Sagres, which was quite quiet and relaxed. There was only really one main street which had a handful of shops, restaurants and bars, but what more do you need? The town had two main beaches, at either side of a headland, giving different options for where to surf and catch some sun.



The Sun Setting At Tonel Beach. 


My favourite of the two beaches was Tonel, it was a longer walk from town but picked up a lot more swell, pretty much the main thing I want from a beach. We’d head down there most days and just chill out, with Steph topping up her tan and me mostly spending my time in the sea.

On a couple of occasions I even managed to persuade Steph to rent a wetsuit and board and come get a few waves with me. It was awesome fun pushing her into waves, and to her credit she didn’t back out on anything I told her to go for, the look of stoke on her face after was awesome!


Heading Out For Some Waves.


After a long day at the beach the town offered up some great eating options, with all sorts of delicious food available. We ate in most of the restaurants that week, but my favourite was “Mum’s”, a cosy little place that did the freshest seafood I’ve ever had.


Super Fresh Tuna Steak.



Sampling The Local Beer, ‘Sagres’. 


Every place we ate in town did great food, if it wasn’t for all the surfing and swimming I’m pretty sure we would’ve both come back a little rounder than when we went.

Meal times in Portugal tend to last longer than back in England, so after a few hours of good food and beer it was usually off to bed to be ready for more of the same. Except on one night where the town bars were open so we headed out for drinks with some people from the hostel, a great experience you just don’t at hotels. We spent the night talking story with new faces, drinking beers and generally been amazed at the bartenders mixing skills.

It was a great week, that unfortunately came to an end all too soon. Our last day was spent chilling on the beach, catching as much sun as possible before heading to dreary England.


Making The Most Of The Last Day.


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