Size Over Substance?

If you surf, chances are you will of seen the most recent Teahupo pictures that are flooding Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and thought “Christ, these guys have a screw or two loose”. The pictures are pushing the famed ‘Code Red’ day, and best ever Cloudbreak to the back of everyone’s mind as we all marvel at Koa Rothman charging a wave as wide as it is tall: 

Koa Rothman

Heavy Isn’t The Word. Photo Bielmann via Transworld Surf.


These pictures are absolutely crazy, no doubt about it, but, and this is a big but, do shots like these inspire surfers? I know that the chances of me ever surfing a wave like that are slim to none, partly because I don’t want to, but mostly because I know I don’t have the skill or fitness to survive a wipeout out there, let alone catch one! 

To me, inspiration has always been found from photo’s of smaller waves, waves that are attainable to me, ones I can actually mindsurf without it been too far from the truth:


Rasta On A “Small” Wave. Photo Stacey, via Transworld Surf.


Waves like these are much more likely to be encountered by your everyday surfer. Barely any of us have the big wave guns, jetski’s and money to get to places like Teahupo and Cloudbreak, let alone the balls to actually drop into the monsters that roll through. Having said that, I’m still going to be watching the images coming from the latest mega session closely.


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