What’s Health & Safety?

Being a Brit I live under the oppressive regime that is know as Health & Safety. For years it’s governed how we go about tasks, especially in the work place. I’ve had to sign disclaimers saying I’ve received training on using a ladder (seriously) and various other ones that are really just common sense. If I’m planning on standing a ladder on several wobbly boxes then really it would be better for evolution if I fell.

When I went travelling I noticed most other countries have a much more laid back approach to Health & Safety, but my recent trip to Thailand showed that they are so laid back about it they are practically horizontal

For instance, almost everyone in Thailand will at some point ride a scooter/moped but almost no-one wears a helmet. Ok, not a big deal I hear you say, there’s plenty of countries where you can get away with that. Fair point, but I don’t know of any where the pavement makes a suitable road in a traffic jam, or where a 3 lane motorway gets squished into 4 lanes in heavy traffic. All the while the police just wave on the millions of motorists.


Bet This Isn’t MOT’d.


However, the best example of a complete lack of Health & Safety can be seen at the side of the road on small islands. Petrol stations everywhere else in the world are full of signs warning against smoking, using mobiles etc… in Thailand you can buy your fuel in glass bottles at the side of the road! It’s almost a pre made molotov cocktail, something you wouldn’t get anywhere else in the world.


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