Thailand, Part 3: Island Hopping

With a 12hour train journey behind us, we jumped on a bus for a couple of hours, waited at a sketchy looking station for an hour, then a quick drive in a mini van to our ferry for the 2hour crossing to Koh Phi Phi.


Coming into Koh Phi Phi Harbour.


Once off the boat we wandered around until we found some cheap accommodation, and got settled in. The town itself is really small, you can easily walk from one end to the other in less than 30minutes, and as there are no roads there aren’t any cars to worry about, just lots of pesky peddle bikes.

Our first night on the island was a Black Moon Festival, and Chinese New Year, and I had planned on meeting my friends Katie and Rob (who I met in Tamarindo, Costa Rica). A lack of working mobile phones and sporadic internet connection meant sorting out a meeting place that night was near impossible, so we headed to a strip of bars that they might be at and had a few beers. Both Steph and myself were getting ready to call it a night, when after a gut feeling we headed down a street just incase there were down there. Turns out they were, what a stroke of luck! So after quick introduction to Steph and a few hugs we headed to the beach with buckets of alcohol in hand.


From L to R; Steph, Me, Rob, Katie.



Black Moon Party.


With a pretty wild night still fresh in our minds we met up for breakfast and all booked onto a snorkelling trip mainly to go see Maya Bay. It was a long a trip, well worth the money, letting us snorkel in a couple of quiet bays, see monkeys on secluded beaches and catch a tan where The Beach was filmed.


Maya Bay.


After a more relaxed night out with Katie and Rob we said our goodbyes the next day and planned our next move to Koh Lanta, a more quiet island.

We managed to book into a really nice hotel on the south of the island, away from most of the touristy places. It had the most amazing sunset views from it’s restaurant which provide great Thai food over the course of our stay.

A lot of our time was spent relaxing at the nearby beach, but on one of the days there we rented a scooter for the equivalent of £5 and headed off to explore. It ended up as possibly the best day of the trip, we saw elephants at the side of the road, stopped at secluded beaches and helped out at a rescue dog centre by taking dogs on a beach walk. Spontaneous days like that often are the best, you never really know what’s happening next.


Koh Lanta Sunset. Our Hotel Was In Those Trees.


With our time in Koh Lanta at an end we made the mad dash to Koh Phangan for the Half Moon Festival and to meet up with some of Steph’s friends from New Zealand. We were only on the island for about 18hours, but managed to fit in a lot of partying. The festival was immense, and despite all the horror stories we’d heard we didn’t see any trouble. If you are ever travelling in Thailand make sure you experience at least one of the moon festivals at Koh Phangan, there are out of this world.

A sedate trip back to Bangkok followed, with Steph’s last day consisting of grabbing some bargains on Koh San Road. After she set off for the airport I got an early night, woke up at 6am and headed off to a Muay Thai class before packing for my flight.

The class was incredibly intense, I was lucky enough to be the only pupil there so had one on one training. I learnt a lot about using elbows and different footwork, but by the end of the 2hour class I was dripping sweat. Mornings in Bangkok are very hot, and with no aircon or fans to cool me down I was definitely feeling it.

So after a nap and shower I packed up and headed home after 2 unforgettable weeks in Thailand.


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  1. I missed Koh Lanta!

  2. Very good article. I am dealing with some of these issues as well.

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