Thailand, Part 1: Bangkok Madness

Since my round the world trip last year wanderlust has definitely set in, I’ve got a constant craving to go explore other countries and cultures. The Berlin trip fed this craving even more and got me really excited for my Thailand trip.

I booked the flights months ago to meet my girlfriend, Steph, on the last leg of her round the world adventure, giving us both two weeks to relax and explore Thailand before coming home to save up money for another trip.

After nearly 24hours of travel I arrived at Bangkok, Steph wasn’t flying in till later, so I had a couple of options; wait at the airport for 12hours or go find the hotel I’d booked. I chose the second one of course. Once I’d got in a taxi and explained where I was staying he set off, taking me straight into Bangkok rush hour! It was crazy, the motorway has 3 marked lanes, but when it got busy everyone bunched together to make 4, you couldn’t do that in England. The sheer volume of traffic was intense, and the amount of overloaded trucks and scooters was just plain ridiculous. I wasn’t sure if my sleep deprived mind was playing tricks on me.

The next day, after collecting Steph from the airport that night, we headed out to explore Bangkok, opting to take a tuk tuk to the Grand Palace. Now, I’d thought the traffic was crazy enough from inside a taxi, but perched in the back of a flimsy tuk tuk took it to a whole other level.


Traffic Close  Enough To Touch.


After surviving our first tuk tuk ride we made our way into the grand palace, and immediately got directed to the office where you can rent appropriate clothing. Apparently shorts must go past your knees and shoulders cannot be on show. So with some funky new Thai attire we headed off to explore.


First View Of The Grand Palace.


After a couple of hours wandering round in amazement at the intricateness of the artwork and architecture we headed off to Wat Po to see the reclining Buddha and then wandered round some of the street markets nearby, been left stunned by how cheap (and tasty) the food was.


Reclining Buddha.


So after a hectic day of exploring we headed to Koh San Road to meet a few of Steph’s friends from New Zealand, have a few beers and just chill out before heading up to Chiang Mai the day after. Of course when you plan to do nothing that can change very quickly, with Bangkok claiming several “ping pong show virginities” that night.


Idiot Abroad.


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