Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

Whilst in Berlin, my friends and I decided to visit Sachsenhausen concentration camp as it is something we all felt a need to see.

We went on a grey, overcast day, with snow on the floor and a temperature under freezing. The whole site itself is very imposing, despite the majority of the buildings being removed. Those that are left hide many tragic stories and a bloody and gruesome history, you can almost see it just by looking at them.

Once inside the buildings there is a wealth of information about what they were used for, prisoners kept there, guards caught, and the occasional story of hope.

It is an experience that is almost impossible describe  wandering a place were so many people suffered and died, seeing where they lived and worked, it’s quite overwhelming, the only way to truly understand is to go yourself, something which I highly recommend.



Walking To The Main Gate.




Barbed Wire, To Deter Escapees. 




Inside The Mortuary.




The Memorial, Shot Through A Windowpane In The Bunks.




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