Berlin Street Photography

I spent the last few days exploring the city of Berlin with a few of my friends. We managed to get some cheap flights and accommodation so there really wasn’t an excuse for us not to go. Of course the fact that Germany is famous for incredible beers and Berlin is rumoured to have some of the best night life in the world made the decision that much easier.

We spent four days checking out the sights, learning about the city, eating good food and washing it down with great beer. The only disappointment was the club scene, we never found a club that was busy/had that party vibe. The ones we went to were good, but nothing special unfortunately. We did get turned down from one of the supposed “best clubs in Berlin” due to not knowing it was Drum & Bass night. Seems a rubbish reason to turn down what probably would’ve amounted to 200+ euros in entrance fees and beer.

The city did have some great photo opportunities, but, the fact there was also a lot of construction going on around some of the more famous buildings did ruin quite a few shots. You don’t really want a photo ruined by unsightly scaffolding running up the side of a classic piece of architecture.


A snowy scene in one of Berlin’s parks.



A section of the wall near Checkpoint Charlie.



Snow-covered VW Beetle.



A quiet city street.



Night skyscape. 



Flyers from a couple of decent bars, and a beer mat for my favourite German brew.





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