The Cold Weather Approaches

The North East of England is a great place to be a surfer. There are hundreds of breaks scattered all over the coast, some well known, others are not. It’s highly likely that there are still some to be discovered or at least ridden for the first time. Few places in the world have the awesome point and reef setups available to East Coasters, and a couple of nice beach breaks too.

However the problem is that the majority of the good surf hits between September and April, a time when the weather is cold to freezing and the water is particularly numbing. 5mm wetsuits are almost considered the minimum here, hoods and gloves essential, heated or thermal vests are a good idea and a flask of something warm in the car too.

Even with those pretty big negatives in mind whenever there is a good swell you will see surfers, sometimes upto 20/30 at the more popular breaks. The reason is because when it does arrive a good East Coast swell is an awesome thing. Heavy, fast, hollow. Waves that dreams are made of. Some UK surfers I know will travel from down south if the charts are looking good for certain breaks, showing how good they must be if people are willing to drive 8hours each way and use well over £100 of fuel!

So with winter approaching I’m looking forward to some of the more dormant spots waking up and pumping out some great waves.

With a little more swell, and a higher tide this spot could be a fun sponger wave.


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