Just Around The Corner

Sometimes you become frustrated with where you live, you start to see the things you hate most about the area more, the things that grind on you become more noticeable and your longing to leave increases dramatically.

This has been happening to me a lot lately. The town I live in isn’t anything spectacular, it’s nothing terrible either, just mundane. There is stuff to do, just not much, and a lot of it depends on the weather. With summer this year barely happening it’s been frustrating to say the least, bike trails have been rendered out of service, skateparks became slippery and worthless and worst of all, there was a distinct lack of good swell.

However, yesterday the sun was shining and I headed off to the small town of Knaresborough, a place I’d never been before. It’s a pretty quiet town, and as it’s September the majority of schools are back and people are working again so there weren’t many tourists around. This meant that when I got to the local riverbank it was deserted and I found a piece of Yorkshire that ranks up there with some of the most spectacular places I saw travelling.

If I’d of had some boardies with me I would of been straight in for a swim.


So if you are bored with where you live, take a step back, visit somewhere you’ve been overlooking, you never know you just might find something beautiful.


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