Relentless Boardmasters 2012

The swell in Yorkshire has been pretty poor since I got home, so with that as one key factor, and Europe’s biggest surf/skate/music festival the other, myself and two friends decided to load up the car and down to Newquay.

It took about 7hours to get there, but unlike this year once we had arrived there was no need to set up tents, we’d booked a 6person static carven to base ourselves from.

Whilst we were down there I only managed two surfs, which is very disappointing. It didn’t matter that the waves weren’t big or powerful, it was just fun sitting out back in the fairly warm sea (by English standards) and picking off the waves which had the nicer shape to them.

Unfortunately, due to a few too many beers one night we slept in and missed probably the peak of the best swell that week. Guess you have to live and learn though.

The crowd watching the comp.


Now, when I travelled to Hawaii I got to watch a couple of surf comps (The Pipeline Pro & Pipeline Challenge) both of which were held in absolutely pumping conditions at one of the planets best waves. After seeing these awesome events I wondered how a comp in England would seem (I’ve been several times before, and though I’ve always enjoyed it the swell was never good).

Getting into “the zone”.


Despite the small waves I still enjoyed the bits of the comp I saw (mostly the longboard heats, I left before the main comp was over). The style the riders showed was top quality and even though the wave lacked any form of consequence it was still great to see good surfing in my own country, at a break where I actually have the ability to surf (even when big! Something that I can only dream of doing at Pipeline).

The waves are small but the enthusiasm is huge.


The highlight of my short time watching the comp was seeing Ben “Skindog” Skinner come second in the longboard division, great to see a Brit do well.

My favourite shot from the trip. If it wasn’t for the wetsuit you wouldn’t know it was England.


So, whilst the surf was nowhere near the standard of that in Hawaii I was still impressed by this years Boardmasters. I think it’s because of a combination of location, fact I can surf the same break, English competitors and great atmosphere that make the long trek down to Cornwall so enjoyable.



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