Danger! Proceed With Caution

Travelling can have it’s fair share of dangerous moments, many of which come completely unexpectedly, whether it be a near miss when crossing the street or seeing a poisonous sea-snake while snorkelling. There’s not much you can do to avoid these situations except stay indoors and shun contact with the outside world.

Obviously that’s a stupid solution and events like that aren’t common at all. However on my travels I did find I’d been in one or two dangerous situations without fully realising it, on one occasion I spotted a sign for box jellyfish after I had got out of the sea. The majority of the time though I spotted the danger signs and decided to carry on with what I was doing anyway.

Here’s a sample of the signs I saw:

Surfer’s Paradise, Australia. Never even got to go in the sea here, conditions were horrendous.


Venice Beach, California. Fortunately I never had to run for high ground.


Sequoia National Park, California. Watch out for your pic-a-nic baskets!


Hollywood, California. Didn’t see a snake here, did in Fiji where there wasn’t any warning signs though.


Playa Grande, Costa Rica. Different language, same meaning.


If you let the signs dictate what is safe and what isn’t you’ll probably not do much, use them to heighten your awareness and you’ll be fine.


And here’s one that I found funny:


So I think the sign is supposed to read like “Slow, Children At Play” but to me it reads like “Slow Children At Play”, which is completely different, just goes to show how important punctuation can be.

*Side note, I appreciate that most road signs don’t contain punctuation, this one just made me laugh.



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