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Round up of my trip.

To summarise the last 5 months contained lots of: sleeping on planes, cheap hotels, tropical weather, jellyfish, good food, bad food, hostels, cramped beds, hammocks, late nights, early mornings, long bus journeys, fireworks, snorkelling, new friends, great views, wakeboarding, beer, expensive jagerbombs, pulled shoulders, surfing, fishing, roadtrips, hangovers, infected cuts, costly doctor visits, In-N-Out Burger, fast food, mildly healthy food, beer pong, best waves of my life, hitchhiking, massive trees, beautiful beaches, crystal blue water, beautiful sunsets, missed flights, encounters with drug dealers, meeting pro-surfers, reef sharks, wipeouts, relaxing, guaro, winging it, excessively big food portions, strangers helping me out, exploring, getting lost, river crossings, rain storms, boat rides, swimming, bodysurfing, memories I won’t ever forget.

Relaxing in crystal blue water, Fiji.

Big thanks to everyone I met on this trip, you all made it special and unforgettable!

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