Costa Rica, Part 5: The Caribbean Coast

After spending 5 days at Pavones and around 2weeks travelling down the Pacific side of Costa Rica we decided it was time to see the other side of the country. This meant a long trek to San Jose was in order.

The drive took around 6hours, which doesn’t sound long but when there are 4 of you crammed into a tiny Suzuki Jimny with luggage it certainly feels it! Add into the fact we had to drive up some mountain roads in the overloaded little car and you can begin to see why I consider it a big journey.

When we got to San Jose we headed to a hostel we already knew hoping there would be rooms, we were in luck and got checked in straight away, leaving Bruce to go take Jimmy back (original name for a Jimny I know but it seemed to fit!).

A couple of hours before we had to hand back Jimmy.


We had a pretty quiet night in San Jose, few drinks at the hostel and a quick dinner before meeting the Tica’s we’d met in Manuel Antonio as they lived nearby. Was a really chilled out night and ended up an early one too as we had to be up early to get the bus to Puerto Viejuero.

The journey was supposed to be close to 4hours but ended up closer to 5 and with the 2hours we waited it seemed to have taken us ages to get there. Once we’d got of the bus we asked to be pointed in the direction of Rockin’ J’s, a hostel we’d heard good things about and headed off in that direction. Was quite the walk with all the gear we had but we made it and checked into the hammock dorm.

The back of Rockin’ J’s.


We stayed in Puerto Viejuero for 3 nights, and had pretty much just hung out at either the hostel or the bars in town as there was no surf, therefore no point in getting up or going to bed early. The hostel was super chilled out, had a really great atmosphere and threw a good fancy dress party whilst I was there.

Bruce, Ross and Harry chilling in the tide pool at the back of Rockin’ J’s.


Me, in the tide pool.


However, after 3 days of pretty much just drinking on a night a laying in a hammock we all decided it was time to move on, I had about 5 days to kill before my flight so figured I could stick with the Aussies and Harry for the next 3 days, leaving a full day to make it back to San Jose for my flight with a day to spare just incase (couldn’t do to be missing my flight home).

That just left one thing to decide, destination: Bocas Del Toro, Panama!


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