Costa Rica, Part 4: Road Tripping In A Jimny


It wasn’t the longest drive distance wise to Pavones but the condition of the roads and getting stopped by the police made it all the more relieving when we finally pulled up in the tiny town square of the village. Seen as we missed breakfast we parked up and ran for the nearest (and only it turned out) cafe.

We had a quick lunch and found a place to stay, for about $10 a night each we got a 3 bedroom, 1 floor house to ourselves with cooking facilities, shower, fridge, TV and CD player. After some of the places I’ve stayed in this was luxury.

The main reason I had wanted to come to Pavones was the fact it has the longest left in Costa Rica and I prefer lefts. It also worked out well for Bruce as he’s a goofy footer. Harry on the other hand is a regular footer but could still see the potential to this spot.

Bruce bottom turning as the sun sets.


The wave at Pavones is truly world class. I didn’t see the break when a big swell hit but everyday there was a nice shoulder high wave that reeled down the line giving me the longest rides of my life. It’s hard to explain how perfect the wave is, you really have to see it with your own eyes.

All 3 shots are from the same wave, they just keep peeling.


We ended up staying at Pavones for almost a week, mainly due to the good surf but also because the accommodation was great and the guests and owner were awesome to hang out with but also because Ross managed to hyper extend his elbows meaning it was difficult for him to get around, putting long journeys in a cramped up car out of the question.

Still, there’s much worse places to be stuck for a few days.

Sonia was staying at the same hostel, she’d spent a fair amount of time at the break and rips.


Bruce wiping out.


Bruce, Ross and Myself on the beach further down from the break.

So after a week of just chilling, enjoying the occasional drink and exploring the little village we decided to leave the Pacific side of Costa Rica and head over to the even more laid back Caribbean side.


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  1. Appreciate the story! All your readers are invited to join us on a Pavones this summer with Brad Gerlach!

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