Costa Rica, Part 3: Road Tripping In A Jimny

Jaco to Manuel Antonio to Dominical

The over-loaded Jimny boarding the ferry.


Once the ferry journey was over we all crammed back in the Jimny and got the hell of the run down industrial port town we’d docked in. A couple of hours heading south and we arrived at Jaco, a town with a reputation as a place to party and surf, sounded perfect.

It took a couple of passes through the town to find a hostel, it seemed ok, it just lacked the air con we’d all got used to in Tamarindo!

We ended up staying 2nights in Jaco, which was more than enough. The surf never really got above 2ft (Playa Hermosa, which is a couple of km out of town was better, but the shifting peaks made it hard to get a good wave there) and the bar scene there didn’t look as good as Tamarindo so we decided to head further south to Manuel Antonio.

Manuel Antonio was a lot nicer, we dumped our stuff at the hostel and headed out to explore one of the national parks. It was really scenic once you got onto the coastal walk part, up until that point it was like walking round a forest in England, just slightly warmer!

The view from the coastal trail.

Spotted this little guy chilling in a tree.

One of the national park beaches: (from L to R) Bruce, Ross, Harry, Me.

After spending most of the day at the national park we decided a few beers were in order for the night so we headed to the nearest bar with some people from the hostel. We stayed out drinking until the bar shut (at midnight, ridiculously early, apparently had something to do with Easter) and headed back to the hostel for a couple more beers and an early night as we were up early to move on to Dominical.

The drive to Dominical was one of the more eventful ones, mostly because Bruce nearly ran over a sloth crossing the road. As soon as we realised what it was the car was pulled over and we all bailed out to get pictures:

He doesn’t realise how close he came to becoming roadkill.

His hair was pretty awesome.

Once we got to Dominical we checked into a hostel pretty much on the beach and spent a few hours waiting for it to cool down before going for a surf. The waves were ok, but nothing special:

Bruce at Playa Dominical. Most of the waves closed out like this.

The view from the hostel dorm.

We only stayed in Dominical for 1 night, its a small town and with the Easter Alcohol sales ban on there really wasn’t much to do so we decided to head down to Pavones, the second longest break in the world.


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  1. Hi. My name is Rose Marie Menacho, teacher of a public university of Costa Rica. UNED. I would like to know if it is possible that you let as use your pictures to ask drivers to drive slowly and more carefully in Costa Rica roads, and, in that way, avoid accidents with wildlife. My email is in case that you agree.

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