Costa Rica, Part 2: Road Tripping In A Jimny

Playa Miguel to Montezuma 

After a week or so of partying and surfing in Tamarindo myself and the two Aussies, Bruce and Ross, decided to rent a car and head down the coast of Costa Rica, no real plan or schedule, just a chance to explore.

So despite a night of intense drinking we all got up at 9 and sent Bruce to go hire the car, looking back at it he looked massively rough, I’m actually shocked they rented it to him. We loaded it up, crammed in and set off with no real destination except south.

Taking a quick break from off-roading.


We spent most of the day on pretty terrible dirt roads but the scenery was spectacular. The only problem was we weren’t making massive progress and were pretty far from a decent sized town. Fortunately we saw a sign for a guesthouse and restaurant, followed it and grabbed a nice apartment room for the night. The place also did pretty amazing food, just what you need after a day of been crammed in the back of a car with a hangover.

Playa Miguel, about 100m from the entrance to the guesthouse we stayed in.


We had a good nights rest and got up early to carry on the journey with Santa Teresa as our target destination. We made it in about 2 hours, and found a nice hostel to stay in (a private hut for 3 was $1 more than the dorms, bargain).

Ross chilling in the room.


The surf in Santa Teresa was pretty poor and there isn’t too much to do in the town so we went to Montezuma for a lunch and a couple of beers. Turns out we’d probably have been better off staying there, the town was full of backpackers and small enough to stagger around without needing a car, unfortunately we’d already paid for 2 nights in Santa Teresa.

Seen as there’s not much to do in Santa Teresa on a night we ended up hanging out in a bar most of the night before a couple of drinks in a club. The night was pretty eventful, mainly due to the heavy rain causing power-cuts and flooding the open air clubs dancefloor.

The second day in Santa Teresa was pretty much the same as the day before for surf, rubbish. We decided to spend the day in Montezuma and on route picked up Harry who’d just arrived from Tamarindo. We spent the day the in a beer garden,hanging out and chatting to some other backpackers before a couple of drinks on the beach.

From left to right: Bruce, Maria, Ross, Laura, Harry, Me.

We all got up early to leave Santa Teresa and move further south in search of waves, however we faced a minor delay before getting on our way:

Woke up to find this.


After a quick change and getting the flat tyre sealed we were on our way to the ferry so we could save a lot of time back tracking and carry on our search for surf.


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  1. ´no real plan or schedule´ – the best way to feel free and see where life takes you! enjoy your journeying!

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