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California, Part 4: Surviving Inglewood

Midway through my time in California my friend Andrew arranged to visit me to do some sightseeing in LA and checkout a national park. He’d sorted out the accommodation and forwarded me the address so I could find it, was a bit surprised to see Inglewood written down.

Now, if you don’t know much about the districts in LA its probably Compton that is the most dangerous and Inglewood follows closely behind. One of my friends from LA originally lived in Brooklyn, New York, so I asked him if he’d ever been there. His response was “damn, they crazy over there”. He’d been there a few times himself and told me its one of those places you’ve got to be careful what colours you wear, though seen as I’m English it wouldn’t be quite as bad.

Fortunately Andrew hired a car so the only time we were ever in Inglewood was to sleep, though the constant police sirens sometimes made it a bit tricky.

We decided that it’d be great to head up to Sequoia National Park, it’s a fair way out of LA but seen as we had the car it made sense to go. After just over 4hours driving (LA rush hour traffic is a nightmare) we made it to the park and started our hunt for giant redwoods. On the drive to the top of the mountain we passed various scenic places to take pictures, my favourite was Tunnel Rock:

Not really supposed to climb it but the photo op was too great.

Back on the hunt for giant redwoods and the road kept twisting up the mountain, giving amazing views of the valley and slowly taking us into a snow covered forest:

The view from the roadside.

After another couple of miles we arrived at a carpark next to the giant redwood trial. We jumped out and headed of to explore, we’d come under prepared though, we weren’t expecting snow on the ground so shorts and t-shirts seemed like perfectly suitable attire when we left a warm LA.

The General Sherman, widely regarded as the world’s biggest tree.

Pretty much everything in America is supersize.

For the rest of the week we didn’t venture quite as far, we still explored pretty much all of LA, we went to the Griffith Observatory and explored the hills near the Hollywood Sign:

The Griffith Observatory.

We also did a star tour of Hollywood, checking out celebrities houses/famous places. Unfortunately didn’t actually see anyone famous which is a bit crap.

When the weather picked up beach towns were on the agenda so we headed down to Huntington and Newport, famous as surf towns. Huntington was ridiculously commercialised whilst Newport was far less so, the only bad part to either was that there wasn’t any surf.

The view from Huntington Pier.

It was an awesome week, I got to see sights that I never would of actually thought to visit and catch up with a friend from back home. Oh and not to forget the break from staying in a hostel!

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