California, Part 2: San Diego & Tijuana

The next part of my journey through California took me south of LA to San Diego. I chose to go here mainly because one of my favourite films, Anchorman, is set there. However I later found out that none of the film was shot on location in the city.

Getting there was pretty easy, there’s a shuttle service from hostel in LA to any in San Diego for $40, cheaper than Amtrak and Greyhound, bargain! Plus Rafa, the guy driving was really knowledgeable on the city so was explaining bits of it’s history and recommending places to eat, was very useful.

There’s some cool architecture in San Diego.

Ocean Beach Pier.

There’s not much to do in San Diego, I explored the Gas Lamp District quite extensively and ventured out to Ocean Beach to see the surf (not that great). Other than that I spent most of my hanging out at the hostel or drinking in many of the various bars in clubs nearby.

It was in a bar that the drunken idea of going to Tijuana arose. With little planning me and my friend Sean got up, stuffed money and passports into our pockets (no cards, phones, camera’s or other ID as it’s a sketchy place) and shoe’s (like I said it’s a sketchy place).

We went down on the trolley, crossed the border and hopped into a cab to some bars. We spent a few hours just chilling out, drinking beers and chatting to some of the locals, pretty hard when I speak terrible Spanish and most don’t speak English. It does seem that football is the international language though, and despite not been a big fan I still knew enough to converse with most guys in the bar.

We left a bit later than we intended to, but made it across the border with no hassle or problems. After a quick dinner break we were back out in the bars for the rest of night with a successful Tijuana visit accomplished.

*Side note: After my visit to Tijuana I found out that it is on the Home Office list of place to try to avoid travelling and has been listed in the world’s most dangerous cities in the past.


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