Hawaii, Part 1: Waikiki Roadtripping

It took 2 attempts to make it to Hawaii, my first flight had to turn back due to an unforseen problem so after going through security for the 2nd time I reboarded the plane and began my journey. Fortunately the flight wasn’t that bad, I had the entire row to myself so managed to stretch out and sleep pretty much the entire journey.

I checked in at the hostel and went to explore Waikiki and get my first taste of America. The place pretty much lived upto expectations, kind of like most American movies you see. The beach looked pretty perfect minus the surf, there was practically nothing except a little 1ft wave, good for longboarders but seen as I don’t own one of those I pretty much couldn’t surf which led to plans getting formulated to escape upto the North Shore.

Whilst I was in Waikiki I had to go to the doctors, my feet got bitten by mosquitoes pretty badly in Fiji and they ended up getting infected, so I got to experience the American healthcare system first hand, and whilst it was quick and efficient I still prefer the NHS, mainly due to the fact I’ve never left A&E with a $155 bill!

The easiest way to get to the North Shore is by car so me and one of the guys from the hostel decided to hire one for a day to drive up and check it out. So after a bit of a hassle we left Waikiki in a Ford Mustang, the top down, sunglasses on and waves on the mind.

The “Stang”.


We checked out most of the spots, Pipeline, Sunset Beach, Waimea Bay and saw some incredible waves and incredible surfing. We both decided we needed to be up here so after a couple of days partying in Waikiki we headed back upto the North Shore to surf the famous breaks for ourselfs.

Unknown bodyboarder killing it at Pipeline.


Waimea Bay, not big enough to run the Quiksilver Eddie Aikau memorial contest though.


Bodyboarder taking the drop into the pounding Waimea shorebreak.


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