Fiji, Part 3: Robinson Crusoe Island

My last week in Fiji was spent on Robinson Crusoe Island, the place was pretty quiet, with only a few guests actually staying at night (was much busier in the day during the daytrips and shows) so everyone got to know each other pretty well, especially those of us staying roughly the same length of time.

The island was pretty beautiful, small enough to walk or canoe around but big enough to be able to find somewhere quiet. The majority of the time I was there I had the entire upper dorm to myself (it became known as “the penthouse” due to it’s two balconies).

Most days were spent relaxing by the sea, playing volleyball and watching the fire/dance show spectactular and the nights were spent drinking kava (a water based drink mixed with herbs) with the staff and sitting out watching the stars and listening as the Fijiian’s played guitar, was an amazing experience.

The only issue came when it was time for me to leave, heavy rain flooded most of Nadi, making it nearly impossible to leave the island and get to the airport so I had to stay on for an extra couple of days, it’s a tough life. Thankfully my mum got in touch with my travel agent and managed to get my ticket changed free of charge, big relief!


Sunset at the island.


Playing with fire.


Lucky, the most chilled out cat ever.


Coconut tree climbing… when I tried this I fell out.


Seb and a poisonous sea-snake.


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