Fiji, Part 2: The Yasawa’s

I’d booked myself onto an island hopper tour in Fiji so that I could experience the famed island lifestyle and see the crystal blue waters and stunning reef life up close.

After a 4hour boat ride the first stop was Nabua Lodge, a small resort with nice snorkelling and a laidback atmosphere. I spent a couple of days on the island, hanging out and swimming, playing the party games at night and just generally having a good time.

Whilst I was there I went on a cave diving trip which involved a brief swim through an underwater tunnel into an almost pitch black cave. After waiting for a few others to get through we followed the guide through to another cave and got told the history of the place before diving back through the tunnel and into the main (well lit) cave. Was good fun, just glad I was wearing swim fins, made it easy getting through the tunnel with just the dive mask!

Next stop was Korovou island, the place was good fun, though the snorkelling wasn’t as good as Nabua. Most of the time was spent hanging out, playing cards and just generally relaxing.

After Korovou I went to Wai Lai Lai for a couple of days. By this point I knew a few people quite well as we’d been to most of the same resorts so we’d snorkel as a group, hang out and play cards. It was a good couple of days on the island, the highlight was the reef snorkelling trip, swimming with the tiny reef sharks was cool and our Fijiian guide could hold his breath for ages whilst spearfishing deep underwater.

The last stop was Beachcomber Island, again the snorkelling wasn’t amazing but it was a good place to hang out, work on the tan and drink, this place was known as party island so on both nights plenty of beer was in order!

After near enough a week I said goodbye to Phil, Sarah, Lucy and Rose and headed off to my next destination, further down Fiji’s coast.

Chilling in a hammock


Island accomadation.


Local Fijiian kids spear fishing.


Fiji – land of spectactular sunsets.


Island fashion.


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