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Australian Adventure, Part 8: Bondi and Manly

Before I left Australia I had to head back to Sydney for a couple of days, so I decided to go surf at Bondi and explore Manly.

Manly was a really cool, quiet town, reminded me of England more than most places in Australia, though that might be due to the fact it was overcast and drizzling when I visited.

View of Manly beach.

Cliffs at Manly.

After Manly I headed down to Bondi for a surf, never seen a beach so busy, or so many bodies in the sea!

I went out and the surf was fairly big, but the rip and amount of people were the biggest hazards, the lifeguards were working overtime and I saw a couple of surfers have to paddle over and give their boards to non-swimmers caught in the rip.

I caught a few nice peelers, the rip made it easy to get out back, just made postioning a little trickier, still it was all good fun.

When I’d paddled in I saw that a film crew was there to shoot a new series of Bondi Rescue so there’s a chance I might appear in it, I was in the background as a little kid hugged the lifeguard who saved him.

Packed out Bondi.

Bondi Rescue film crew.

Surfer at Bondi, check out how close to the shore/crowd he is!

After exploring these two places I was pretty much done with Sydney, next time I’ll head to Cronulla and some of the Northern Beaches but there just wasn’t enough time before I headed out to Fiji.

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