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Australian Adventure, Part 6: Sydney

After 10 hours by coach I arrived in Sydney, then a quick journey and a long walk (including getting a little lost) later I was at my new accommodation. Once I got my gear stashed I headed into the city, eager to explore.

After seeing the Harbour Bridge and Opera House I text some friends from Byron Bay who lived in the city and they invited me to a bar for a drink. As the night went on plans for New Years Eve came up and I said I was planning on wandering round and finding a good spot to take pics from. They then invited me to their apartment, saying you could see the bridge from it, I immediately said yes, chances like that almost never come along.

After exploring the city I met up with the friends and was shown to the apartment. Wow, what a view:

And once the fireworks began it got even better:

The whole show was amazing, and the view was just unbeatable.

For the rest of my time in Sydney I just explored the city, finding places that looked interesting and on a night hit a few clubs with friends and people I met in the hostel.

Be rude not to snap a pic of here.

At Darling Harbour.

The view from the park.

One Response

  1. Hi John, your mum gave me your blog last night, now following you with interest. Ah the memories, walking along Piemont Bridge to the Holiday Inn, in Darling Harbour it will be lovely to talk to you about all things Australian when you get back.

    Don’t go to Oahu in Hawaii, its worse than surfers paradise.

    Enjoy every minute. Carol and Keith.

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