Australian Adventure, Part 5: Byron Bay

On strong recommendation, and as I grew tired of Surfer’s Paradise, I cut a few days off my trip there and headed down to Byron Bay. After a short bus ride I found my hostel, dumped my stuff and went for a wander. The beach looked amazing, the surf was small but pretty perfect with the odd barrel happening too. I grabbed my gear from the hostel and headed back there as quick as I could.

The rip was really bad, but once past it the waves were amazing. I saw a couple of bodyboarders get barrelled, but ever wave I went on didn’t want to co-operate.

I spent the next couple of days hanging out with friends I made in Surfer’s Paradise, hanging out and parting with friends I made at the hostel and of course, surfing as much as physically possible!


The beach at Byron Bay.


The wreck at Byron Bay.

I wish I could of spent an extra day here, just to carry on trying to get barrelled, however Sydney was next on the journey so I didn’t have time to waste.


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