Australian Adventure, Part 4: Surfer’s Paradise

Well, the name of the place is a bit misleading, I was there 4days and didn’t get to surf once. There was massive swell but it was so messy the main beaches were closed and no-one was trying to get out, was around 3meters and closing out, not my idea of fun.

I did get to spend Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day on the beach so it wasn’t too bad, plus I met some really great people, was a very strange Christmas though!

The city itself is a bit like Newquay, but on steriods. Massive skyscrapers are everywhere, and the amount of bars, nightclubs and strip joints is unreal. It’s also very hard to get decent food there, the majority of the places are fast food, but it is quick and convenient, but very unhealthy.

Misleading sign at the main beach.


The view from the main beach.


I hated this sign after the first day.


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