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Australian Adventure, Part 3: Noosa

On strong recommendations I decided to postpone my trip to Surfer’s Paradise by a few days, and instead head to Noosa. Checking Magic Seaweed confirmed the place got surf, and good surf at that so my decision was made.

After unpacking my stuff I went for a wonder with another guy from the hostel and checked out the National Park walk, from which you can see several of the surf breaks. Nothing was good on that day but swell was promised over the next couple of days.

Had a few drinks that night and slept in for the surf the day after, ran down to the beach and surfed pretty messy conditions at Alexandria Bay.

Had a few drinks again that evening in the hostel and a few of us decided we would go to the beach to surf the day after, so we got up earlyish and headed down.

We surfed a couple of beach breaks but the struck gold with Tea Tree Bay, a nice right point break. Was a hell of a paddle out, and I was the only bodyboarder out amongst a group of surfers so I had to make sure I surfed well.

The surf was 4-5ft and super clean, the only problem was the fact so many people were out made it difficult to get a wave, still when I did it was a nice long ride with plenty of power behind it, a welcome change from what I’d surfed most of the summer.

Granite Bay at Noosa.


Sky view at Tea Tree Bay.


Post surf at Tea Tree Bay.


Turns out going to Noosa wasn’t a bad decision at all, met some great people and surfed some good waves. Couldn’t ask for much more really.

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  1. i miss my surfboard. it s winter here 🙂

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