Australian Adventure, Part 2: Rockhampton

From Cairns I moved down to Rockhampton to see my Aunty for a few days. It took 17hours by coach to get there so when I got off it was a bit difficult to get my legs moving (wakeboarding the previous day didn’t help).

I spent 5days in the town and generally chilled out. I got shown some really lovely beaches and got to meet some interesting people.

Went bodysurfing a couple of times too, pretty good fun when the surf isn’t big enough to breakout the bodyboard. Did see a couple of box jellyfish washed up though!

Nice, peaceful Aussie beach.

Washed up box jellyfish.

Hanging out at the beach.

The view of Rockhampton from Mt. Archer.


2 Responses

  1. Hi John, thought I should correct the post you have on Box Jellyfish. The one pictured is a Jelly Blubber c. Catostylus Mosaicus also know as a Blue Blubber. Incidentally they can give a painful sting but pose no serious risk to humans. Box Jellyfish have a different shaped cones, and the tentacles are quite fine, compared to the Jelly Blubber which are obviously quite thick making them easy to identify. Hope this is of help. If unsure please google and you will see. Cheers Darrell

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