Jumping the Gun

In this media sensitive society it doesn’t take long for news to travel globally. On Wednesday (2/11/2011) after winning his heat at the Rip Curl Pro Search in San Francisco Kelly Slater was crowned ASP World Champion for an unprecedented 11th time. News channels picked it up, surf websites went crazy, the blogosphere was full of talk and Twitter was been used by anyone with an opinion on the legendary surfer.

However, as it turns out Slater has not yet won his 11th title. In a comment on the ASP website a fan pointed out that it would be possible for another surfer to tie with Slater if he finishes in low in the next 2 contests. Highly unlikely but stranger things have happened.

So the ASP have messed up big time, the Ke11y merchandise has already been made available and pro-surfing is facing an uncertain few days. How can surfing be taken seriously as a sport when it’s sanctioning body can’t actually keep an accurate track of the scores?

Kelly has taken to Twitter, firstly to highlight the error, and secondly to try and save the ASP from further public ridicule by suggesting no-one is infallible.

So, whilst he’s not 11 time world champion this controversy is likely to make Slater thrive in his next few heats, pressure just seems to make him perform better.

Kelly celebrating his 11th World Title on Wednesday. By Friday he found out it was still up for grabs.


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