An Icon of British Surfing

Russell Winter

Former English, British and European surfing champion Russell Winter really has done a lot to raise the profile of British surfing. From his wins in domestic events and international ones it has become apparent that people from the small island with crap waves can actually surf. And indeed surf well.

As the first European to qualify for the WCT he set the bar for all other European surfers and he did not disappoint, he even managed to beat the great Kelly Slater at Sunset Beach, something most people would not believe.

Recently his results have not been as good, but he’s still there on the contest scene, competing well against the young blood that’s coming through.  Seeing a heat of his in the Relentless Boardmasters left a stunned expression on my face, despite going out he had what must of been wave of the heat (the only good one he got) and in a show of brilliance he threw down an aerial that the younger competitors would be proud of.

He might be 35 but as Kelly Slater proved; Age has little effect on the ability to surf well. Who knows, Russell might even have a Championship left in him….


Russell after a free-surf at the 2011 Relentless Boardmasters.


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