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Back in the water

After 2 months without actually catching a wave I managed to squeeze 2 good surfs into 3 days, something that I rarely get to do.

The first session went down on Sunday evening. After I finished work I picked Mike up and headed through to Scarborough. Cayton looked quite choppy so we headed into the town to check out the other bays.

South Bay looked clean, with nice 3ft coming in. North Bay was off limits due to the huge queue of traffic between South and North Bay, so we parked the car and suited up.

The waves were good, but not too strong and as the only spongers out there Mike and myself were pushing each other to get the best waves and carve the best bottom turns out. We stayed out for around 2 hours, sharing waves with local surfers and I was loving my first time back in the water for a couple of months.

On Tuesday the swell was still kicking around, still at around 3ft with the odd slightly bigger wave coming in. Myself and Mike were the only ones up for going, and after checking all 3 Bays we settled on South Bay again, after seeing Cayton looking a bit small on North Bay not working due to the tide.

Again, with a lack of big drops we were working on smooth bottom turns and generally just enjoying surfing in water that was warm enough not to require us to wear hoods.

Overall it was a pretty good couple of surfs but the 320miles I racked up driving there both times and working after the first session meant I was absolutely knackered afterwards.

Would I do the same again? No doubt I would!

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