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What we do when it’s flat…

As a sponger in the North East of England I’m subject to one of the most temperamental regions of swell anywhere. Flat spells can last weeks and when swell does arrive if it’s not the right sort it has very little effect as I found out on Monday.

Seen as I’ve missed the last few decent swells due to immense amounts of Uni work I jumped on the chance to surf a nice little 3ft predicted swell so me and mike headed to Scarborough for a couple of days to capitalise on it. On the first day there was no swell at all, barely a ripple on any of the bays so we waited and hoped the next day would bring the predicted swell.

It didn’t. After spending the night sleeping in my car I was looking forward to a good surf but there was nothing to be had except a little 1ft ripple at Cayton and the sponges don’t go too well on that small a wave.

Seen as we were in Scarborough and the weather was ace myself and Mike decided to stay and explore the town and do a bit of skating. I’m not very good but Mike has a lot of style, especially on my oldskool Mindless board, very Lords of Dogtown esq.

This picture should show what I mean:

This is one of the best shots I’ve taken, hopefully soon I’ll start posting a lot more pictures up.

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  1. thats me in the picture! , does this mean im famous??…

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