New Year, New Spot….

My alarm went off at 6am, I managed to get out of bed at 6.30am, load up the car and pick up the boys by just after 7am and make the trek to Cayton Bay. Roads were pretty quite and good time was made. When we arrived the swell looked nice, if a bit far out, so we suited up and headed down.

The water wasn’t as cold as you’d imagine but the waves were awful, either really small, none powerful ones of pretty brutal ones breaking in waist high water, not that nice. There looked to be a couple of gems out back but they were beyond our skills to paddle out to. I managed one wave and that was a bit crap so after awhile we got out, dried off and headed into Scarborough, when we got there we realised the epic mistake we’d made.

South Bay was clean, maybe 3ft, with a fair amount of surfers out (was probably around 4ft when we were at Cayton) and North Bay was 5ft, pumping with the odd bigger set and loads out. So a new years resolution has been made to always check all 3 bays before getting in to see which is best to save missing out on nice clean waves.

We had a bit of time to kill and went for a drive up the coast and found a potential new spot, I’m not sure if its named or even surfed (looks a bit rocky) but after what I saw today there’s potential there for sure, I just wish I knew how deep the water was and what the bottom was!

So I’m gonna keep an eye on this spot and maybe investigate the bottom when there’s no swell, seems a bit safer!


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