Northern surf dilemma…

Being a bodyboarder up North isn ‘t easy. The sports not as well known as it is in places like Cornwall or Devon and mention it to anyone and they just assume you surf so it often takes a bit of time to explain what it is you do, which can be a pain. Sometimes its easier just to say you surf.

Then there’s the real problem, swell. Or a lack of it as it more often is. Surfers round these parts aren’t blessed with the consistency the South of the country gets where there’s usually a wave somewhere, even if it is a little messy. Up here is a different matter, it can be flat at any number of spots for days on end with barely rideable swell lines moving towards the beach.

There’s no denying that when it gets good here it really does start to pump, overhead surf, milk chocolate barrels, wedges, reefs, points; we really do have it all. It’s just not all that often. Winters when it really gets good, sometimes 2 or 3 days in a row with good swell the only problem is the water temperature gets numbingly cold, I’m talking so cold you start to question your sanity, especially when you walk down to the beach and its been snowing. When you get in the water it’s a different story though, you forget about the cold and just go for it on almost perfect waves.

It’s quiet too, nowhere near as crowded as breaks down South, you can paddle out without having to dodge out of control foam boards or BICs who’s riders have no idea what they’re doing, so its not all bad. Hell in summer you can even wear a 3/2 wettie with no gloves or hood! Though the surf usually isn’t too cracking there’s still the odd good day to be had.

Anyway my point is unless you have the money to travel all winter to warmer breaks, you can’t be a surfer up here unless you don’t mind getting a bit cold in winter cos otherwise you’ll not score the best waves this place has to offer. So its a case of put up with it, or pack up and move down South or abroad!


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  1. or give up surfing? 🙂

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