Prints Dead?

Everything seems to be either online or in digital format these days. Books are available to download and read on e-readers, magazines are all online, no-one prints photos anymore, they just put them on facebook, news-streams straight to your phone instead of buying a paper and lots of other stuff too.

Surely it’s not just me who loves print based media?

I much prefer buying and reading a real magazine instead of reading one online, it’s all about the experience and interaction for me. Think about it, you go to your local shop, have a quick look at all the magazines you fancy, pick the one you like most (usually the same one everytime) and go pay for it. In my eyes its a much better experience than opening up an internet browser and typing in a URL. Then you get to the experience of reading it itself, you can start from the back, middle or front. Skip sections, whatever you want, it doesn’t have to be the linear experience most online mags are, its totally upto you. Plus you don’t need to sit at a desk with a screen infront of you. You can read it laid down, sat up, anywhere or way you fancy, something a laptop can’t compete with.

And maybe its the magazine geek coming out in me, but I like the feel of the paper. Thats something a computer won’t ever be able to match.

I can see the benefit to digital, being able to upload thousands of photos to facebook or flikr has its plus points, but I do miss passing round pictures because people very rarely print them off anymore.

I don’t think thats likely to change back and maybe its a good thing, people are taking more photos than ever before it seems but I for one definitely don’t want to see an end to print based media, magazines are culturally important the world over so they need to carry on!


2 Responses

  1. Print is not dead…digital just give more viewers cause of simple accecibility. it’s fashionable ^^

  2. You raise a good point, I really hope print isn’t dead, I’m a bit of a magazine geek and would hate to not be able to get my favourite mag in the proper format!

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