Winter is on its way….

On Wednesday the 24th of November we decided to hit Cayton Bay after looking at the charts and realising that 4 of us could make it we set off.

To get there we had to drive through a slight blizzard but that didn’t put us off, we picked up our 4th member in Scarborough, crammed everything in the car and checked out North and South Bay. North Bay was pumping but the tide was too far in giving a bit of backwash and seen as we know there’s rocks scattered about we thought we’d pass. South Bay was the complete opposite, the odd small and weak looking wave coming through (2 surfers out though) so we thought Cayton was the best option due to the fact it has showers and a place to change!

Once we got there the waves weren’t anything special and we all seemed to wipeout a lot, I had one that was pretty nasty, cartwheeling off my board, headfirst (though I managed to get my arms in the way) to the bottom than hurt my back going over at a strange angle, it’s still sore while I’m writing this! Oh well, didn’t stop me trying for a few more.

The waves weren’t really cooperating, it was hard to get out back but we did see the odd small bodyboard sized barrel which made me want to get out more but it wasn’t to be, none of us managed to score one.

Here’s a couple of pics:


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