Scarborough South Bay

Yesterday myself, Mike and Tom decided to head upto Cayton Bay for a days bodyboarding. We set off early (I was up at 5am) so we’d get there for the early morning session but when we got there the conditions were a bit crap.

Mike had brought his new Nikon camera and a few lenses so we spent around an hour there taking pics of the bunkers and the surf but none of us fancied getting in. We made the call to head into Scarborough and check out the bays there.

After a quick drive upto North Bay we got there to find the main road along the front closed so we drove up and found a vantage point to try and find out why, turns out heavy waves had washed across the road the day before, pretty mental.

So with North Bay being a pretty definitive no seen as there was no where near to park I drove round to South Bay, pretty tricky when the only way I knew was the closed road.

When we got there I found a nice free parking spot about 10metres from the beach so I was pretty chuffed. Only problem was with it being out of season there was no where to get changed so we had to find a quiet alley to get the wetsuits on!

After that we headed across the beach, found a nice spot to paddle out from and caught some nice clean waves and just enjoyed it. The waves were fairly big and clean, especially for South Bay (I’d never really seen it surfable before) so I was stoked to be there (and seems like we picked the right day, the previous was apparently a 15ft swell that was completely unrideable and ended up washing up on the road and the day after was pretty flat).

After a fairly long session we headed back to the car, Mike got changed and came back down with his camera to get some pics of me and Tom. It was pretty hard to get out back but once I made it the waves we good and knowing the camera was there made me try that much harder to get a good one!

Check out some of the pics below:


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