Fuerteventura 2010

Right, this postings a bit later than I would of liked but nevermind, here’s what happened on the Fuerteventura holiday 2010:

Day 1

We all met at Tom and Mike’s at 3.30am for the taxi, was surprised at how awake everyone seemed considering the hour and the lack of sleep most of us had. After a swift taxi ride to Leeds Bradford Airport the pain of checking in with bodyboards commenced. Seen as they are too big to fit on the baggage chutes they have to be checked in as oversized baggage, fortunately there’s no extra cost for this and there was no queue either so it wasn’t too bad getting them checked in.

The flight left at 7am so we killed time for an hour or so and then got ready to board. The flight was alright and the views were pretty special, coming in to land at Fuerteventura we were scanning the coast to see any spots where waves were breaking and there seemed a lot of potential.

Once we’d landed we had to wait a while for the boards to come through oversized luggage and then get the coach to the Bristol Playa apartments. The ride seemed to take forever, mostly due to all the stops to let people off, but we saw a couple of potential spots on the way and got to take in the islands scenery so it was all good.

After we checked in and got sorted in the rooms we decided to walk into town and see if we could see any local spots. The beach right outside our hotel was flat despite the promised swell from magic seaweed but a point break looked to be producing quality waves, however it was supposedly over really shallow reef (coupled with it been a long way out from anywhere) meant we decided not to surf it at all. Further round we saw a couple of bodyboarders out and decided to hit the spot up in the morning. We carried on walking round and swam in the sea at most of the town beaches, was really nice to be in warm water.

For dinner that evening we had what I’m going to assume was a traditional Spanish meal of a fried cheese starter, steak and cake. It wasn’t too bad considering we only paid 10euros all in including a drink.

Seen as we’d all been on the go all day we decided on an early night so we could get up and have a good surf the next day.

Day 2

The morning was really overcast which surprised me but it was still warm enough for boardshorts and a vest so I was happy, around 11am it started to clear and the sun came out.

We decided to give a spot a go and got the boards and fins ready and set off walking. When we got there the waves looked fairly small but I was desperate to get in so I set off walking across the rocks to get there with the rest following. It was a pretty hard walk to the sea, the rocks were rough and odd shaped so my feet took a bit of a battering. It was pretty hard actually getting in the sea but I managed to time it right and jump in just after a wave, missing the rocks. Unfortunately James knocked his knee pretty bad on the way in, bruising it pretty bad and making paddling hard.

The waves themselves weren’t much but they did pick up when we got out there and I caught a couple of alright rides as did a few of the guys. The waves kept getting bigger which was cool but after a while they were over our heads by a few feet (laid on bodyboards though) and it got a bit tricky seen as none of us had surfed a reef before and this was particularly shallow (the gouge marks on the fins prove it!) so we weren’t keen on the thought of wiping out. Tom and Mike caught a fairly big wave in, maybe 5ft,  and nearly wiped out on the rocks. I was left out there, dodging the bigger waves seen as I didn’t fancy having one of them pound on me, waiting for a good time to paddling in, I managed it after a few minutes and was glad I made it out unscathed, I was stoked!

For the afternoon we just chilled out by the pool and then went and explored the town beaches. None seemed to get swell but they were nice to swim in! A few locals gave us some spots to try but it turned out that we’d need a hire car ideally, shame you have to be 25 to hire one and none of us were over 20!

We had a meal out on the town that night and head to few local bars that night for a pretty wild night in which I managed to snap a pair of sunnies and seemingly loose my flip flops resulting on a barefoot walk back the apartment where the drinking continued and a few of us ended up in the pool! Very good day overall!

Day 3

I was still up at 6.30am after the previous night and rather ill-advisedly decided to go for a run round the headland and town to check out the surf. When I got back in I went to sleep for a few hours considering I’d been up so long and was absolutely knackered.

Once I was up properly we all just chilled by the pool for most of the day until we decided to hit up a spot in the late afternoon/early evening. We walked there and it took around 40minutes, a good warm up! Once we got there we realised it was actually a reef break instead of a beachie but we thought with the previous days experience we’d be fine. The paddle out was nice and easy but the waves were breaking a couple of hundred metres from the shallows so it took a while to get out there. Once out the waves were a nice size, 3ft or so, and broke well, they just weren’t that powerful so it was hard to get one sometimes. Again I got a couple of good rides and was just enjoying surfing in shorts and a rashie.

The paddle back in was a bit of a killer, around 200metres with the tide going out was pretty heavy going, took a good 10minutes to get in, there were some pretty skilled kitesurfers blasting around hitting some jumps off the waves which made good viewing on the paddle in.

The walk back into town was nice and chilled out, with a few bars on the way playing some good live music. Once we’d got sorted and dumped the gear we went to a pizzeria that did really nice pizza’s in a stone baked oven, not traditional Spanish food but amazing nonetheless.

Day 4

Not much happened on day 4, I had a massive lie-in to catch up on some sleep and chilled by the pool for the rest of the day. We had a good dinner and went out for a few drinks after, all in all a good, chilled out day.

Day 5

I had another lie-in a fairly relaxed early morning. We all decided that a trip to El Cotillo would be good so we sorted out our gear and headed for the bus. The ride there was pleasant and the scenery was epic, I’ve never seen a place like it before.

When we got to El Cotillo we headed to the nearest beach and were disappointed to find it flat (we all had hopes for barrels) so we trekked round the headland, through the town itself and up through the harbour to another beach which turned out to be the main surf beach with nice clean waves coming through in crystal blue water. Looked perfect to me, if a bit small. I headed in first and caught a couple of good ones which had a good drop on them, made for a fairly tricky ride. Straight after I had a pretty bad wipeout, the wave just picked up and dropped and I wasn’t on my board properly, I tried to adjust my position but that didn’t work. The board shot out from underneath me and I went under, hitting the bottom (thank God this was a beachie with only a few rocks, not a reef!) and having the board hitting me on the head! Not the best experience.

I got out and walked upto where the guys were and they were just getting ready to go in, so I thought I’d join them again, after all its not good to stop after a wipeout. The waves were still good but we had to be careful to avoid a pretty big rock section.

We paddled it back in and decided to call it a day and head for the bus back to Corralejo, realising we’d not left much time to get to the bus stop, so it was a pretty brisk walk to say the least.

We made it in time for the bus and the ride back was pretty relaxed, except for the fact that the bus driver was a bit crazy, overtaking cars and flying round the corners, stuff you’d never get on an English bus. We made it back to the hotel alive and well, so we headed out for a meal which was pretty awful in my opinion, I really did not enjoy the steak I ordered.

We walked out of the restaurant and there was a big crowd down by the beach so we headed down just in time to catch a fireworks display, it was really good and had some of the best fireworks I’ve ever seen, the Spanish put on a damn good show! After that we headed to a live music bar before calling it a night.

Day 6

We decided a trip to the water park was a good idea instead of trekking to another surf spot so we all got (the rather expensive) tickets and walked upto the park. The park was pretty impressive with a good amount of slides and other stuff to keep us entertained so we were all pretty happy until we realised we’d have to pay to get the rubber rings needed for the 2 best slides there, not impressed! We all paid up though, none of us wanted to miss out!

After a few hours at the park we headed back to the hotel to chill out and get ready for a night out. After a pretty standard meal we hit the town, it was a good night and we headed back to the hotel for a few more drinks and a bit of a search as we’d all got separated and some were locked out of their apartment until we all realised the guy we were looking for was asleep inside! Funny in hindsight, annoying at the time! A few people ended up in the pool fully clothed and there some close calls for others!

Day 7

A few of us were nursing major hangovers so we all decided to chill by the pool and recover. A surf did not seem like a good idea or appealing!

After a day of not doing much we explored the town for the afternoon, checking out a couple of surf shops and I was looking for a pair of “Rayban” sunglasses for under 20euros, and somehow I succeed!

We all had a good last night, with a decent meal and a couple of drinks followed by a cheeky 1am swim by a few of us.

Day 8

We had an early morning, checked everything was packed, made sure the rooms were clear and headed off to be picked up and taken to the airport. The views on the way were amazing again and we got a proper look at some of the coastline and some of the surf on offer, I’m just gutted we didn’t have a car to explore the island some of these spots properly.

At the airport check-in was pretty easy and we didn’t get charged for the boards despite people saying we probably would, good result I reckon!

We had a pretty uneventful flight back and arrived back in England to be greeted by dull weather and eventually pouring rain! I was incredibly tempted to just grab my back, and go buy a ticket to somewhere else warmer and sunnier!



This is just a general thanks to everyone who made the holiday what it was, all the guys, the southern girls we were hanging out and partying with, the hotel staff for not freaking out about the state of room on more than one occasion, and of course the legendary Skippy, damn guy had me convinced I’d get a barrel that week!



3 Responses

  1. pretty impressive blog their black nig , good reading about the holiday in alot of detail like that.
    Although i do remember some big events that wernt covered in major detail aha , aka thursdasy night , someone locked out of his room with someone ;).. the dancer in hard rock bar (which u didnt see i suppose), the crazy locals in daniel craigs, the big monday night for all of us , shane turning into a psycho after loosing henry for the night and of course me pushing u into the pool 3 times in a row get in!
    ace blogging though ::))

  2. “Day four, not much happened”
    “the southern girls we were hanging out with and partying with”

    I made that holiday everything it was, bitch! Without me, there wouldn’t have been half as much fun/drama/exercise for you!
    Just you wait, John Pullan, just you wait….

  3. and don’t get me started on the spelling mistakes! Journalist my arse 😉

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