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Just how smart is your phone?

I remember my first mobile well, a Nokia 3310, the most stylish and popular mobile around when I got it as far as I am aware. It was packed full of features, games, custom polyphonic ringtones and of course interchangeable covers – the must have of the time. I used to use the phone often for texting and calling, oh and occasionally playing snake, but not much else as it was just a phone.

My current phone is a HTC Hero smart phone and I use it to check the surf, keep tabs on fuel economy, map my runs, make quick notes, read online news, translate phrases, play games, take photos, record videos, find recipes and make the odd phone call.

It seems to me that over the last 10 years the purpose of a phone has changed to such an extent that it is almost no longer a phone. Many claim they wouldn’t be able to cope without their iPhone whilst others shun the more technologically advanced models for simple phones that do what a phone should: i.e. make and receive calls.

I can understand the reasoning behind buying a cheap, pay as you go phone – no contract, no extortionate price for a top end pay as you go handset and no worries about scratching your precious screen or charging it every day because the wi-fi drains the battery (I’m sure my 3310 could do a week or more on a single charge).

Personally I love my phone and find it very useful, especially if I have no other way of accessing the internet but I could quite easily live without all the gadgets and apps available on it, however I do know the first few days would be a bit of struggle!

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