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World Cup Blunders

Although I was unable to watch the England game today, after watching the highlights I was pretty shocked to see an obvious goal disallowed. The ball clearly crossed the line but it was not counted and England eventually lost 4-1. I’m sure the goal would of turned the game around and perhaps inspired England to play better, instead it seems the disallowed goal disheartened them and led to an embarrassing loss.

The goal that was disallowed happened slightly before halftime so I cannot understand why the ruling on the pitch could not be overturned during the break for such a blatant goal that had been disallowed. Alas it wasn’t and the ruling on the pitch stood.

After a game as controversial as that you would of thought the referee’s would have been extra vigilant but in the very next match another obvious mistake was made when a goal by and offside Tevez was counted. Shortly after it was given the linesman realised his mistake but once again the ruling on the pitch stood and Mexico, the victim’s of this goal went on to lose 3-1. Had it not been for that I feel the Mexicans would of played much better and possibly even won the match or at least taken it to extra time.

These two outrageous mistakes highlight the need for a video referee in the world’s most popular game, especially at it’s highest level but FIFA President Sepp Blatter maintains it would be too costly. Now correct me if I’m wrong but during televised matches rugby league uses a pretty efficient video referee and there is nowhere near as much money in the sport as there is in football. Even if it was only during tournaments or cup finals it would be a step in the right direction and show that football is moving in the right direction. But with people like Sepp Blatter hindering this process I think it will be a while before we see significant improvements within ‘the beautiful game’.

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