iPad: to buy or not to buy?

I’m faced with a dilemma; after using an iPad a few days ago I really want one and I’m currently trying to justify buying one. Apart from it being a generally cool piece of kit I like the portability and ease of use of the software and apps. It types well and is really intuitive, as well as being infinitely more portable than a laptop with a better battery life to boot. As an aspiring journalist and blogger I think it would be a useful piece of kit, especially for when I plan to go to places like Australia next year, I’d be able to blog and write articles with ease.

However, there are some drawbacks to it, the main one is the price! It’d cost around £500 to get one to the spec I’d want with the highest memory and a charging dock and keyboard, and that’s money I don’t have to spare, especially considering I already have a perfectly good laptop.

For now I’m going to carry on with the gear I have and if I need more portability I’ll resort to the old reporters notebook and pen!


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