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Small Day at Cayton Bay

I headed upto Cayton Bay with Tom and Mike today for a quick surf despite there not being much swell. The forecast for the next few days is even worse so the call was made to go today.

When we arrived the conditions were small but clean with fairly consistent sets coming through. Nothing too challenging although I did wipe out a couple of times, got my weight placement wrong on take off – never good! After maybe 40mins the waves started to drop off in height and frequency, the wait between decent ones seemed ages so we were paddling to places were the break looked good only to find out it really wasn’t any different.

After an hour and a half we paddled in, not a long session but I caught a couple of nice ones and it’s always good to get out there no matter how small the surf is.

Seen as we had a lot of time to kill in the afternoon I drove into Scarborough so we could have a look in Bay Surf and Secret Spot surf shops to see if any bargains could be picked up for the upcoming trip to Fuerte, unfortunately there wasn’t anything. Still it was worth a shot!

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