Bouldering at City Bloc

Today, for the first time in months I went climbing at Leeds City Bloc.

The place comprises two main areas, with multiple problems in each, enough to keep anyone occupied. The problems are graded by colour:

* Pink = Kids *Red = Easy *Blue = Inter-m-easy *Gray = Intermediate *Yellow = Hard *Green = Hardcore *Salmon = World

Seen as I hadn’t been in a while, and never was that good when I went last year I started off with a few red routes and found them fairly easy so I moved onto blue ones. These were a bit more challenging but do-able so I was having fun doing them and building up my confidence again.

After getting familiar with how to do it all again I decided to try a gray problem, the only difficulty was that from the start the only way to the next holds was to jump straight up and grab them, leaving my legs hanging. After a fair few attempts leaving me on my back (and in one case on my front somehow) I managed to grab hold, success! Couldn’t quite pull myself up to the next one at this point as my hands and forearms were getting tired so I had to admit defeat. Next time I think I’ll try some of the harder problems first! Although when I say hard I mean gray ones, not quite upto the other standards yet!

Anyone who lives in West Yorkshire should check out Leeds City Bloc


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