World Cup 2010

Usually I’m not a big football fan. I tend to not bother watching it on TV or care about who wins the league. However once every 4 years I start to take an interest in it again, the World Cup always seems to reignite my interest in football.

This year, for the first time in years I feel England actually have a chance of winning, the manager has worked wonders and the team seems to be playing well together. If England don’t win I reckon Spain will, teams like Italy, Brazil, France and Argentina are all good but just don’t seem at their best lately.

To make the whole tournament more interest I have a bet on with my mates at Uni as to who will win. The winner stands to get £32 which isn’t too shabby. There’s 4 of us playing and we each got 8 teams (one from each group) drawn randomly. I seem to have done worst out of everyone as my only chance based on what the bookies predict is Chile…. so I’m not expecting a lot. However according to some prediction sites 5 of my teams may make it through the group stages, so I might still stand a chance!

Anyway I’m really looking forward to this World Cup and have my fingers crossed for England but if they don’t do it I wouldn’t mind seeing Italy as back to back Champions….. but I’ll just have to wait and see what happens.


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