Bay Trip x2…


Getting up at 6am isn’t easy but when swell’s forecast and nearly of your mates can make it for a session it’s just something you have to do. Everyone and everything was loaded into the cars by 7.30am and we set off to Cayton Bay. The reason for the early start was due to it been a bank holiday so we wanted to beat the traffic, which we did, making good time on the way there.

Once at Cayton we parked up and scouted out the beach, the conditions were fairly big, maybe 6ft at times but messy, not perfect, but it’d do. Back at the cars and suiting up I got talking to a bunch of people who were having a surf lesson, really friendly people but I didn’t envy them learning in the conditions of the day.

The first session was a good one; I caught a couple of nice waves and scared myself dropping down a bit of a steep one. It must of been a 5ft wave and I dropped down the face at maybe 80degrees barely holding my board, I thought I was going under and had it in my mind it was going to hurt. Somehow I managed to grasp my board and ride it out, I was so stoked just to have managed that I honestly didn’t even think about carving a turn or trying a 360!

After about an hour the cold started getting to Mike, Tom and Shane who didn’t have hoods, me and Eddie where fine but we all got out for lunch and so hoods and gloves in Mike’s case could be rented.

We headed down after lunch for a longer session, the rip was pretty bad moving down the beach and making staying in the same spot a bit of a hassle but we persevered and caught some nice waves.

After another hour Tom, Eddie and Shane got out, the cold was pretty harsh that day with a strong wind adding to the numbness you got. Me and Mike stayed in another 40 minutes and the surfed cleaned up slightly meaning we caught a few nice waves each, but nothing special.

When we finally got out and were ready to leave we decided to cruise into Scarborough to check out North and South Bay and maybe grab some fish & chips. Big mistake. Scarborough was heaving so we decided to just get out of there and head home. Overall a pretty good day at Cayton sharing waves with the most friends since Newquay last year.


The swell promised to clean up on Tuesday/Wednesday and seen as I was too tired/slightly hungover/needed to be in Uni in the afternoon I decided Wednesday would be the prime day for another attack at the bay. After sleeping in a bit I went to pick up Tom as he was the only member of the crew free and we headed up to Cayton. When we got there the scene that greeted us was so much nicer than Monday, slightly smaller but a lot cleaner waves. Beautiful.

After a quick suit up we headed down and pretty much stayed down there for 3 hours. The waves really helped me improve, I tried a bit of drop knee riding and very quickly found out its incredibly hard after I put a bit too much weight on my rail and went under. I now have a new found respect for DK riders.

For most of the session we had a seal that Tom named “Ollie” following us around. If we were out deep he was there and if went into the shallower bits he seemed to follow us, was pretty cool as at one point he was maybe 10ft away.

Anyway, the slightly cleaner nature of the waves made it so much easier to get out deep and catch the better waves. I had a few good ones and one almost perfect one. As I caught it I turned had right and was going along the unbroken wave face, never had that at Cayton before. Also the fact it seemed to slow down made it pretty special.

After a few more waves we called it a day and headed back, pretty good couple of days at the Bay all in all.


One Response

  1. Typos:
    “nearly of your mates” – nearly all of your mates
    “me and Eddie where fine” – me and Eddie were fine
    “its incredibly hard” – it’s incredibly hard
    “I turned had right” – I turned hard right

    …And you call yourself a journalist 😛

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