Harbour Backwash

When I was down in Newquay the other week I was walking back from Fistral Beach via the harbour when I looked at the rough sea and saw a few bodyboarders out. I was pretty surprised due to how rough it was and how far the tide was in, it was literally pounding off the wall. But then it dawned on me why they were out there; once it hit the wall the wave went back out to sea and crashed into the other waves. The bodyboarders were catching the waves going back out to sea and ramping over the unbroken ones coming in, getting some pretty sweet looking airs.

I watched this in awe, the flips and spins going on literally made my jaw drop. I mean I had seen these moves in videos but to watch them in really life was pretty special. Talking to someone else watching it turned out that they were sponsored riders and a couple of them were part of the UK’s bodyboarding team.

Feeling pretty stoked just watching them I was very tempted to go in, I had my wetsuit on and board and fins with me but after watching for a bit I decided against. I had no idea where to paddle in from, it looked pretty rough and there was a good chance I’d get smashed into the harbour wall; something I didn’t really fancy.

Anyway seeing this made me decide to keep progressing and hopefully sometime within a year or so I’ll be good enough to paddle out into the backwash myself.


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